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The Rich History of Solano County, California
The town is named after General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a Mexican military officer sent in 1835 to the northern California frontier where he established several land grants. One of these grants, the Rancho Suscol, included the area where the cities of Vallejo and Benicia are now located. Chief Solano, a leader of the Suisun Indians, allied himself with General Vallejo, an alliance which allowed the region to remain primarily inhabited by Native Americans until the 1840's. The man regarded as the true founder of Vallejo is John B. Frisbie. After Vallejo's daughter Epifania married Frisbie, the General granted him power of attorney for the land grant. It was Frisbie who hired E.H. Rowe, the man who designed the city layout and who named the east-west streets after states and the north-south streets after California counties. With the establishment of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in 1854, Vallejo began to flourish. Mare Island grew into the largest ship construction and repair facility in the world during WWII. In the five war years, as the production rate at the shipyard increased, so too did the population of Vallejo, growing from 26,000 to nearly 130,000. Now, in the 21st Century, the great influences of General Mariano Vallejo and John Frisbie and the contributions of Mare Island can still be seen in Vallejo today, side-by-side with twentieth-century development and attractions. As Vallejo continues to move into the future, its rich and historic past will not be forgotten.

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As a real estate professional, Ron has made it his duty to know everything he can about relocating to, from or within the Vallejo/Solano County area. Indeed, he�s widely considered an expert on the subject. Those who have worked with Ron appreciate knowing the purchase of their new home is in the hands of such a capable and trustworthy professional while they�re wrapping up all the last-minute details of packing and moving out of their previous home.

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